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You have to follow the javac keyword after the filename that you've chosen for your program. You won't see anything happen just yet, since the program has only.

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May 12,  · I tried java --version in my command prompt it gave me Program will exit. But when i tried java -version it worked. I tried initializing _JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable and ever tried re-installation none of them worked. Can any one help me please? This happens because the CMD doesn't recognize the "java --version" try writing "java.

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Jun 28,  · To choose the disk, type the command ‘select disk 1’ and press Enter. Step 6: To make a pendrive bootable, there is a need to format it to clean the existing data. This can be done by the use of ‘clean’ command. Step 7: Type the command ‘create partition primary’ and press Enter. This will make the disk primary and ready to be made.