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−10 °C can be achieved with a mass ratio of calcium chloride hexahydrate to ice. −20 °C can be achieved with a mass ratio of sodium chloride to ice. [citation needed] Dry ice baths at −78 °C. Since dry ice will sublime at −78 °C, a mixture such as acetone/dry ice will maintain −78 °C. Also, the solution will not freeze because acetone requires a temperature of about −93 °C .

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58 rows · CaCl 2; Pb/Na; calcium hydride; Molecular sieve nm: Dicyclopentadiene: (cyclopentadiene dimer) na: na: Refractionation: distillate at 40 - 42°C. (Use at once! or keep in dry ice/acetone bath no longer than 1 Hr.) Diethyl carbonate: + Na 2 SO 4; K 2 CO 3: Diethylene glycoldibutyl ether: + CaCl 2; Na: Diethylene glycol dimethyl .